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Fusion Thermal Avenger 55XR

Fusion Thermal Avenger 55XR

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At Fusion Thermal we’re obsessed with making our products simple to use, and many people believe our T3 Three Button Control system and our KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Menu is simplicity perfected. What you’ll find in the new Avenger Series is a continuation of this great “simplicity first” design tradition, but with the addition of some new high-end features.

We begin with our new electrical power plant. After all if you’re going to juice a power hungry thermal sensor and wifi at the same time you better have as serious power supply. If you don’t, your performance and run time are gonna suffer. To do it all you need power, lots of power, and the Avenger has it.  After lots of testing our engineers decided that the protected variant of the 18650 battery design was the perfect solution. First, there is nothing expensive or proprietary about these batteries, so no need to worry that we’re still selling some special battery five years from now. These batteries are commonly available, inexpensive, and the new circuit protected version makes them one of the safest power supplies available.  Second, when run in parallel, this system is like having a summer storm bottled up inside your unit. It has power, lots of power, so you’ll get industry leading run time and the absolute best performance out of your thermal sensor. By the way, to get you up and operational, we include batteries and a charger with your purchase.

Next we added a full media package so if you want to record your heroic moments in the field you’ll find photo, video, and audio capabilities to get the job done.