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Thermtec Cyclops 640D PRO

Thermtec Cyclops 640D PRO

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Thermal Imaging Monocular
Dual-Field of View
≤25mk NETD
12µm VOx Detector

Dual-Field of View with 2x Optical Zoom
A wide FOV with a focal length of 20/25mm can be used for detection; A narrow FOV with a focal length of 40/50mm can be used for identification.
High-Precision Zoom
1.0-6.0X HD zooming ensures excellent sharpness and the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification.

12 Hours of Work on a Single Charge
Built-in battery with 12H super long capacity, which ensures a pleasant and dedicated outdoor experience without worry.

Joystick Control
The well-designed joystick performs an easy operation on menu operations by toggling the button in any direction.

IP67 Protection Rate
Provided with IP67-rated weatherproof performance, it is protected from heavy rainfall, snow, smoke, smog, or dust.

Lightweight and Compact Size
The compact dimension makes it a lightweight and handy companion wherever you go.

Long Detection Range
(Detection range up to 5500m

Two Image Modes

• Designed with both WDR mode and target mode, it captures details clearly under different scenarios as needed. WDR Mode is suitable for high-contrast lighting conditions, while Target Mode helps you to focus more on your targets.
Built-in AI Rangefinder

• Based on deep learning algorithm, the object distance can be automatically measured.
Electronic Image Stabilization

• It provides clear and precise images even in scenes with lots of motion.
Wide Options of Color Palettes

• 6 thermal image pallets with comfortable visual experience, to meet with a variety of environments and weather conditions.
Photo/Video Recorder

• Integrated pictures and video recording makes sharing the thermal action quick and easy, with the functions of playback and APP sharing.
GPS Function

• Enable users to know their coordinates in real time, which makes field activities safer.

Resolution 640x512
Pixel pitch 12µm
NETD 25mk@300k
Spectral range 8-14µm
Frame rate 50HZ