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Sniper Hog Lights 40KAP headlamp

Sniper Hog Lights 40KAP headlamp

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What sets the 40KAP headlamp apart from the competition.

1 - Shines further then any other headlamp on the market. In fact our nearest competitors headlamp that is basically the exact same size only puts out about 14,000 Candela in Red and the 40KAP puts out about 47,000 Candela in Red. The more Candela a light puts out the further it will shine and you can see that the 40KAP puts out over 3 times the Candela.
2 - Full dimmer to adjust brightness.
3 - Focusable from full flood beam all the way to full spot beam.
4 - Interchangeable LED modules to change the color the light emits.
5 - The only high power headlamp available that emits Red, Green, White or IR light.
6 - Constant brightness so if the headlamp has been on 10 minutes or 3 hours it's still the same brightness.
7 - Charge batteries without taking them out of the battery pack.
8 - Disconnect plug to keep the light from accidentally coming on. Might not sound like a big deal but if you have ever put a light in your pack and then went to use it to only find out the batteries are dead because it accidentally came on you will understand why this is important.
9 - Much heavier gauge wire then our competitors to resist damage.
10 - Contoured front and back to fit head more comfortably whether wearing a hat or not.
11 - 2 year warranty unlike our competitors that only give a 1 year warranty.

When we set out to design the 40KAP headlamp, our goal was to design the best hunting headlamp available. While we feel we more then accomplished this, what we found out is the 40KAP headlamp is also the best all around headlamp available for camping, hiking, fishing and anything else you need a headlamp for. With the full dimmer, you can use this headlamp for reading at night when set on it's lowest power and when the headlamp is in it's lowest power, you will get well over 150 hours of run time.

Full dimmer for adjusting the brightness from 10-100%.
Focusable from full flood beam to full spot beam.
Operates on 2 18650 protected batteries.
Batteries can be charged without taking them out of the battery pack and can be charged from a 110V-120V A/C outlet or a 12V D/C accessory outlet. Please note that batteries are not included unless you add them in the options above.
Interchangeable LED modules so you can change the color the light emits. You can add extra LED modules in the options above. Available colors, Red, Green, White and IR.
The LED module color determines the color of light the headlamp will emit.
Optional Light Shield available in the options above. The light shield is to remove any unwanted light hitting the hunter or the hunters equipment.
Power plug so you can unplug when not in use so the light doesn't come on accidentally.
Adjustable head strap, headlamp can be worn with or without a hat.
Will run about 4 hours at full power with almost no dimming the entire time with all colors.
Red shines 473 yards and puts out 47,000 Candela
Green shines 460 yards and puts out 44,230 Candela
White shines 622 yards and puts out 81,090 Candela
IR 850nm shines about 1000 yards using Gen 3 night vision and 250-500 yards with Digital night vision.
IR 940nm shines about 700 yards using Gen 3 night vision and 200-300 yards with Digital night vision
Simply the furthest shining headlamp on the market for it's size and our nearest competitor doesn't even come close to the distance this headlamp shines.
This headlamp is perfect for scanning or shooting when predator hunting, Camping, backpacking, walking to and from your hunting stand, and really anything you need a light for.

The 40KAP Headlamp includes

1 - 40KAP headlamp as seen in the first picture above.
1 - A/C charger as seen in the second picture above.
1 - D/C charger as seen in the second picture above.
1 - LED module in your choice of color- The color of the LED module determines the color the light will emit. Available colors, Red, Green, White and IR. Please note that IR can not be seen by the human eye, you need a night vision device in order to see the IR light.
You can add Batteries, extra LED colors and a Light Shield in the options above for a additional cost at a discounted rate.