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Exterminator II feeder light (various light colors)

Exterminator II feeder light (various light colors)

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The Exterminator feeder light comes with every thing you need except
for a place to mount it. It can be easily mounted to a pole with the
supplied U-Bolts or mounted to a tree or wood post. The Exterminator
feeder light emits light in your choice of color (Red, Green, IR or White).
Red puts out about 600 lumens, green and white about 700 lumens. This
light can be mounted up to a 250 yards from your feeder and still produce
enough light to light up your entire feeder area. The Exterminator II comes
with a weather resistant all steel housing, 3 fully adjustable LED heads
that can be locked down and focused from a flood beam to a spot beam.
Solar charge controller, 12v 18amp sealed battery, 20 watt solar panel with
a steel mounting bracket. Remote control to operate the light from your
stand. Steel flex cable over solar panel wires to keep the varmints from
chewing them. This light is designed to run all night every night 365 days
a year even if you have several days of cloudy weather.

1- Exterminator II Feeder Light (Red,Green, IR or White)
1- 12V 18AH battery
1- 20 watt solar panel
1- Steel solar panel mount
3- U-Bolts to mount feeder light and solar panel to pole
1- Remote control to operate light from up to 300 yards away
1- Set of Exterminator II Feeder light instructions