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Fusion Thermal Boarmaster 40E

Fusion Thermal Boarmaster 40E

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How do you make your top selling product even more popular? Simple, you upgrade it. Introducing the Boarmaster 40E, where E=Enhanced.

Friends we keep telling you about our obsession for Perfecting the Vision of Heat and the Boarmaster 40E is a great example.  Driven by a passion for continuous improvement we took our top selling Boarmaster 40 and gave it a major upgrade by switching to our premium WAVE12 (12-micron) thermal sensor. As expected, the result is nothing short of stunning. Our 384×288 WAVE12 sensor delivers more magnification, 3X versus 2.5X,  and higher resolution images with performance that exceeds competitive units costing thousands more.

Remember, its what’s under the hood that matters, and this big upgrade is going to shake things up a bit. It’s no wonder why Fusion Thermal is the fastest growing thermal brand in the US