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Sniper Hog Lights 66LRX One Color LED only

Sniper Hog Lights 66LRX One Color LED only

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This light comes with a remote wired 2 mode Eliminator switch.
This is the ultimate light for predator hunters that will shine out .
To distances of 1000 yards in white, 753 yards with our Green
LED, 613 yards with our Red LED and 1700 yards with our IR.
Fully adjustable focus so you can go from a spot beam to flood beam.
Interchangeable LED Modules so you can change the color and fully
interchangeable parts with our 50LRX and 38LRX lights so you can covert
this light into a 38LRX or 50LRX light. Red will run at full power for 2.5 hours with almost no dimming, Green and white
will run about 2 hours at full power with almost no dimming and then another 3 hours with the light slowly dimming over
that time.

1- 66LRX light with Eliminator switch in your choice of Red, Green, IR or White Led module
2- 3400ma 18650 batteries
1- Battery charger with AC and DC plugs
1- Windage and Elevation adjustable mount
1- Normal flashlight tail cap
1- Lens cap to protect lens when not in use
1- set of instructions